Sean Kingston Publishing Open Access

Sean Kingston Publishing is delighted to announce a new series of Open Access publications, free to all and available from a number repositories and, of course, from our own website.

We are keen to consider further proposals for Open Access publications. We generally offer this on a Gold Standard basis, under a Creative Commons Attribution v4.0 International License (CC BY), the most open license available, allowing readers to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, and to alter, transform, or build upon the material, including for commercial use, providing the original author is credited. In addition, for those who prefer print, a paperback edition (rather than our usual and significantly more expensive hardback) will be available to purchase through all our usual channels. All projects vary, so please contact us (link) for enquiries.

Below are listed the initial publications in our Open Access programme. We expect more to follow soon

Coming Soon

Pilgrimage and Ambiguity
Sharing the Sacred

edited by Angela Hobart and Thierry Zarcone

In association with The Centro Incontri Umani, Ascona

Coming Soon

The Nation-State and its Translations into Practice

edited by Bruce Kapferer

In association with the University of Bergen